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Empire of Steel postponed...

2010-02-03 15:15:32 by Chrisman01

Unfortunately, due to classes, work, and homework, I haven't had time to work on the first episode all week. And at this rate, I won't be able to for quite a while.

As such, I don't believe I'll make the Februrary 15th deadline and must postpone the first episode of the Empire of Steel.

This doesn't mean I'm being lazy and shutting down my project before I even really start it, it's just that I have a lot on my plate right now, and I need to wait for things to slow down before resuming work.

I'll make a new post when I have time to work on EoS again, and hopefully a new release date.

I built a website!

2010-01-24 12:35:47 by Chrisman01

Sure, it's only from, but it's a start!

The Hidden Hangar

I recommend using Firefox or IE, because Chrome doesn't have the right fonts.

Anyway, just figured I'd tell everyone about it. I'll post updates and such there, there's forums, you can view my sketches and flash projects, and so on. Basically gonna be my BOO. (Base Of Operations)

Well, back to work... If you check out my site, sign the guestbook if you can!


Flash deleted some objects?

2010-01-16 15:15:06 by Chrisman01

I went to resume work on my project today and some critical objects were missing!

I know I saved, and the objects that were missing were some of the first ones I made, meaning I finished them and hadn't touched them since. Their names are still in the library, but the actual objects are missing!

Has this ever happened to anyone else in CS3?

Redone emblem!

2010-01-08 21:33:36 by Chrisman01

I posted on a forum about how I was starting an animation, and included the emblem I had made.

A member asked if he could redo it, and I said OK. He came back with this!

Freakin' AWESOME!

New emblem by _Chaz_

It's a .png image, so I couldn't attach it. Here's the one I made, though:

Redone emblem!

Finally starting my dream!

2010-01-07 21:47:39 by Chrisman01

I've finally started work on my series! It'll lay the groundwork (background, characters, etc.) for the video game idea that I've had for a very, very long time.

It's going to be about an empire that violently takes over Earth, and eventually grows to cover half the galaxy. Sounds evil, but it unites the nations of Earth, and other interstellar races, albeit forcing them to settle their differences the hard way (uniting together against a far more powerful foe).

Hmm... I already said too much right there ;)

Anyway, here's the main title/emblem/logo whatchamacallit. I accidently left the "snap to grid" on, so it kinda looks retro... at the same time, though, I kinda like it!

Thoughts? Comments? Can you think of a way to make the title look better?

Finally starting my dream!

Made top 10!

2009-12-15 11:32:54 by Chrisman01

Holy crap!

My first animation made #7 on the 12/14/09 top 10!!

I was half expecting it to get blammed!

Thanks everyone! ^^

Finished my Final!

2009-12-14 17:08:06 by Chrisman01

I stuck with it and finished it on time!

It's now up in the Portal!

I hope it doesn't get a really bad score, because I consider it my first true animation, and I worked really, REALLY hard on it :)

*fingers crossed* >.<

Can't get motivated...

2009-11-09 23:16:02 by Chrisman01

I'm doing a flash animation for my final in my new media class...

But I just CAN'T get myself motivated... I have no clue why!

I've also had quite a few (and I meanquite a few) ideas for animations that I wanted to post on newgrounds, but I can't get myself to do those either... It's like I have the stories completely planned out in my head, but I never sit down and draw them out....

any animators/writers here that share the same problem, or am I just too lazy?

New Banner!

2009-03-23 17:44:10 by Chrisman01

Dedicated to the BEST RTS EVER!!!

Homeworld FTW!!!

In other news my flash class is going along nicely. I'm using an XP laptop, so I haven't had any more problems, unlike when I was using a Vista machine. Gee, who would have guessed?

(I like XP WAAAY better than Macs, BTW, I just couldn't find the right comic)

New Banner!


2009-02-14 15:29:22 by Chrisman01

Whenever I'm using Flash MX, it keeps crashing on me, and Vista only says "this program has stopped working" (No! Really?). I tried running it as an administrator, and in compatibility mode with XP SP2, but it still keeps crashing.

Also, I found this: ements/doc/articles/html/SW-vista-supp ort-matrix.shtml#f

according to that site, Flash MX does not work with Vista.

Considering so many of you are probably fellow geeks, I thought you could help me come up with a solution. If I can't get Flash MX to work, I'm going to have to drop my Flash class, and I REALLY don't want to do that!