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Sentinel Sentinel

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very nice.

As a Mainer, I really appreciate lighthouses. You can't drive 2 miles up or down our coast without seeing at least one lighthouse. I can see 3 just from my dorm room, and one of them is ON campus!

I like the style of the grass and water, but it seems the lighthouse is leaning. I won't detract points, though, because if you go 2 miles South from here (HA! See what I mean?), you can see a lone lighthouse tower sitting on a tiny rock out in the ocean that's leaning a bit.

It's just off of Portland Head Light, which is on Fort Williams, if you want to Google this area. Lighthouses galore!

The lone tower is on a rock Northeast of Portland Head Light. You have to zoom in very close on Google Maps to see it.

ArticWolf811 responds:

thanx for the compliment....this place u speak of sounds pretty cool ecspecially since i get alot of my inspiration from the ocean (idk why). i also thought tht the lighthose was leaning abitbut by thetime i noticed it was too late for change and if i rotated the pic, everything else went outta place so yea lol but thanx tho

FREE - Xmas Angel FREE - Xmas Angel

Rated 5 / 5 stars

You're pretty good!

You're pretty good, dude! I like your anime/manga style.

Don't you hate this scouting thing, though? Why can't things be scored instantly, like the audio and flash portals? Wicked pointless...

Linhishyra responds:

Hey, thanks, yes its kind of tricky must be pacient (for me, a sugar-junkie, that's all the way a challenge)
Now as we say in México, you are the godfather of this draw at NG, thanks again.